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        From the Kitchen  

1.     Gyoza
         Japanese pork dumpling


2.     Shumai
         Steamed or fried Japanese shrimp dumpling


3.     Yakitori
  BBQ chicken & vegetable in skewer


4.     Ebi Harumaki
  Japanese shrimp spring roll


5.     Pan Seared Scallop & Sesame Crusted Tuna


6.     Small Tempura


7.     .Edamame
  Japanese soy bean

        From the Sushi Bar      

8.     Sushi Pizza
Spicy tuna tartarki served on a homemade crispy tortilla


9.     Sunomono
  Raw fish salad


10.   Spicy Kani Su
Kani kappa salad


11.    Baby Octopus

***Please advise us if you have any food allergies before you order.***
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       (Served with Miso Soup or Ginger Salad & White Rice)


1.     Seared Chilean Sea Bass
  In Balsamic vinegar reduction with mixed vegetables


2.     Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna
  Served with wasabi cream sauce


3.     Salmon, Steak or Shrimp Teriyaki


4.     Chicken Teriyaki


5.     Shrimp Tempura


6.     Chicken Tempura


7.     Tonkatsu or Chicken Katsu
  Breaded pork loin or chicken cutlet


8.     Steak Negimaki
  Broiled steak rolls with scallion & mushroom


9.     Tempura Udon Soup


10.   Yaki Udon
  Sauteed japanese noodle with shrimp, chicken or steak

***Please advise us if you have any food allergy before you order***
    Japanese Appetizers | Entrees
Sushi Dine In Menu
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