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      Entertain your guest with PARTY TRAY pick up

      Tell us whats on your mind and we will set up the perfect menu
      for your party with the right price, right size and at the right time!


A. 100 Mini Egg Roll    $38  
B. 100 Mini Spring Roll    $42  
C. 100 Crabmeat Puff    $60  



Sushi Platters


D. 36 pcs Vegetable Maki Combo



Oshinko Asparagus  

Avocado Kappa  

Sweet Yam Futo (without kani)  



E. 42 pcs Maki Combo 


California Roll Asparagus  

Spicy Tuna Salmon Skin  

Salmon Tempura Kappa  


F. 60 pcs California Maki Combo  


G. 60 pcs Maki Combo


Tuna East  

Kappa California  

Philly Yellowtail  

Click Here For a Printable Version of Sakana Oriental Takeout Menu

Salmon Sweet Yam  

Eel Shrimp Tempura  


H. Supreme Platter


    14 Pieces of Assorted Sushi


Spider Scallop  

Dragon Lobster  

Godzilla Honey  

 Please Call for More Information About the Party Tray Special

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